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Welcome to the Inter-Generational Studies website! Researchers collaborating on this website are dedicated to new and ongoing longitudinal research as well as analysis of archived data on the Guidance Study, Berkeley Growth Study, and Oakland Growth Study participants.

The Inter-Generational Studies (IGS) was developed and launched in 1928 through University of California, Berkeley’s Institute of Human Development (IHD). Visit the IHD website to learn more about the start of IGS, well-known findings and research, and notable researchers over the past eight decades.

So you may be wondering, where do we come in? Dr. Cowan, the Institute of Human Development (IHD) director from 1998 to 2003 retired at the end of the 2004-2005 academic year. Although IHD continues to be an active center for research on individual development throughout the lifespan, Dr. Cowan was the last researcher at UC Berkeley involved in the Inter-Generational Studies (IGS). Dr.  Cowan’s research collaborators from the University of California, Davis and the University of Southern California continue to actively pursue research with IGS data and participants. Therefore, all involved thought it best to move the IGS archive (collection of hard copies of the tests, assessments, measurements, and surveys administered to IGS participants). In early fall 2009, the IGS archive housed at the IHD at UC Berkeley was moved to the Department of Psychology at UC Davis. The move was conducted with the help and coordination of Drs. Cowan (UC Berkeley), Grimm (UC Davis), Widaman (UC Davis), McArdle (USC), and Prescott (USC). Approximately 45 file cabinets of data were shipped to UC Davis, where we have begun the arduous task of making a searchable, electronic archive. Scanning began in the winter of 2010 by trained undergraduate research assistants under the supervision of Dr. Grimm. So far, data from 10 file cabinets have been scanned and are now being processed and coded by researchers at UC Davis as well as the University of Southern California. This collaboration resulted in the formation of a new team of IGS researchers who continue to analyze archived data as well as collect new data from IGS participants with the hopes of carrying on this longitudinal research to the next generation.

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